Curiosity killed the cat. Like that would stop the cat.

Hello, and welcome to Curiously Dead Cat, hosted by yours truly, NegativePrimes! In 2016 I began blogging guest articles for Beneath the Tangles, a community of Christian anime enthusiasts. Finding that I really enjoy blogging, I decided to launch out on my own—duc in altum!*

About Curiously Dead Cat: I’m curious enough that, were I a cat, I would be dead already. Maybe I do, in fact, have nine lives. Everyone is welcome here, provided you observe the Dead Cat Principles.

Things that excite my curiosity include anime, manga, video games, literature, and spiritualities.

  • Favorite anime: Gate.
  • Favorite manga: Fullmetal Alchemist. Also, unOrdinary, while not technically a manga, is a lot of fun.
  • Favorite video games: Too many! Heroes of the Storm, Elite Dangerous, Stardew Valley, and Starbound, to name but a few. And also Asagao Academy, Myst, and The Witness. And…
  • Favorite authors: Henryk Sienkiewicz, Brandon Sanderson, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton, Dante, Chuang Tzu, Mencius, John CH Wu. Also the author of the Tale of the Heike.
  • Spirituality: Roman Catholic, with a dose of Taoism. I’ve learned a lot from people of other spiritual backgrounds, too.

About me: I’m a father of several young children, with a Ph.D. in literary studies.**

I also stream on Twitch. Feel free to join me 9.30-10.30pm ET, Saturday through Thursday!



* Duc in altum: Latin for “Set out onto the deep!” It basically means “Move forward in the face of fear or doubt” or “Take a step of faith.” One of Pope John Paul II’s favorite quotes from the Gospel.

** That comma between “children” and “with” is really important, if you think about it.



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