Beware, Vault Hunters! There is a secret danger in Borderlands 2, hidden in plain sight among the myriad not-so-secret dangers! And it is everywhere.

I picked up B2 recently at a discount and have been playing it with my usual cadre of nakama. Last night, I fought my first band of Goliaths. My more experienced comrades played the Goliaths off each other until one had reached its top level, and after a harrowing battle we brought it down. With baited breath we waited for the loot box to spawn.

It did.

Right on top of me.

Yes, I got trapped inside a loot crate. I could not get out, though I could move around inside it and see my companions jumping around and mocking me on the outside. I tried blasting myself out with different valuables from my arsenal, to no avail. Short of logging out, I could find no means of escape.

On the plus side, at least I got first crack at the loot.