So today I did a test run of livestreaming games on Twitch! What fun! Here’s what the process basically looked like:

  1. Look up “OBS” because I couldn’t remember what it was called. (Sounds like you’re saying, “Oh, B.S.!” Think I’ll remember that now.)
  2. Find YouTube tutorials for setting up OBS.
  3. Install OBS. Follow tutorials for settings.
  4. Link OBS to my Twitch channel (NegativePrimes, though there isn’t really anything of interest there yet).
  5. Run Closers, and set up an OBS ‘scene’ for it. Click “Start Streaming” and—

Holy Thunder Lizards!!! I’m streaming a game live to the entire Internet! That’s so COOL!


Then I asked one of my buddies to watch and tell me what it looked like on his end so I could tweak the settings. That was it! The process was remarkably painless. Got a few more things to refine, and then I’ll give an ‘official’ shot at it. Looks like a lot of fun!

Watch this space for more updates!

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