Hi friends! So I haven’t posted as much this week as I would like to, and feel I owe you an explanation—especially after the kind recommendations that some of you have given Curiously Dead Cat. 🙂

Basically, I’ve been dealing with a cold and personal life details this past week. I tried to stay on top of the Twitch streaming, but even that got interrupted with a power failure on Wednesday! Where folks like Karandi find the time, let alone the energy, to post as much as they do is beyond yours truly.

However… I am working on some good stuff for you all! 🙂 I’ve got at least three posts in the works:

In the meantime, I leave for your entertainment the following…


Anime Alternate Titles

The Ancient Magus’ Bride — The Idiot’s Guide to Finding a Wife

Black Clover — Naruto Without Ninjas

Darling in the Franxx — Mecha as Sexual Metaphors: The Series

Fairy Tail — The POWER of FRIENDSHIP! The Series!

Gate — Isekai: The Deconstruction

How to Keep a Mummy — The Idiot’s Guide to Raising Toddlers

In Another World with my Smartphone — You Like Harem Fantasies? Have a Literal Harem!

Knight’s & Magic — My Passionate Giant Robot Love Affair

Outbreak Company — Gate: The Deconstruction

Sword Art Online (first arc) — Virtual Reality Fantasies: The Deconstruction

Log HorizonSword Art Online: The Deconstruction

Yuri on Ice — Yaoi on Ice



2 thoughts on “Climbing out of the grave…”

  1. All of those alternate titles are right on…and a couple are maybe better, even, than the originals: I’m looking at you, In Another World…

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