Today we have a special post from my daughter, MiniPrimes! Spoilers for Star Blazers episode 22.

In the recent episode of Star Blazers there has been a major plot twist. The planet Iscandar, which the main characters are trying to get to, turns out to be the twin planet of Gamilas where their enemies the Gamilas live. What interested me however was not this, I will tell you what did.

In one of the recent episodes the Gamilas captured one of the humans or terrons. The prince of the Gamilas then pretends she is the third princess of Iscandar. This then has two effects: If she denies that she is Yurisha the third princess of Iscandar she will most likely be executed. What I think is the more important result result though is the real princess Yurisha hearing of it will think the humans are working against the Iscandreans!

This however seems odd considering the third princess is most likely not the person in charge so her approval would not be final. It therefore seems to me most likely that he did it either because the third princess would have some if not final authority (and the Iscandreans don’t like fighting). Or that he did it mainly to turn the Iscandreans against the humans. Or a mixture of both. There is of course the possibility that for reasons unknown the third princess has all or most of the power, this however seems highly unlikely. Whether it is for the reasons listed above or a new one,  I can’t wait for the next episode of Star Blazers.

Note from MiniPrimes: This the first blog post I have written, so please excuse any mistakes.

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