My Hero Academia, Midoriya's new costume

An awesome episode of Boruto and an awesome episode of My Hero Academia in the same week! We are not worthy!

(Note: Edited to correct a few errors shortly after posting.)

First, the new opening rocks! It’s definitely getting added to my list of “anime wake-me-up” music.

Then there were all the opportunities to make snarky remarks (“resnarks”?). Let’s start with the student response to the “egg-chicken” metaphor.

My Hero Academia chick
That’s gonna require surgery and a whole lot of hormones.

I left out the shot on Ochaco’s face when Midoriya observes, “You have just enough balls to finish the exam.” Uh-huh.

Then there was the Midoriya-Hatsume-Ochaco teased love triangle (I say ‘teased’ because we all know that Hatsume isn’t really in the running, and anyway she’s a technosexual):

My Hero Academia, Hatsume's Leg Babies
Ochaco rightly looks disturbed.

Screenshot from 2018-07-21 10-25-39


If I read this correctly, aren’t they saying that Midoriya and Hatsume have been “baby-making” together?

Upside-down Ochaco in love, My Hero Academia
You’re too late. He’s already making babies with Hatsume.

And Ochaco is head over heels (or as in this case, heels over head) for Midoriya. I laughed out loud when she saw him exercising outside at night and suddenly the bubbles appeared and the music swelled.

Speaking of Hatsume, she is the model of customer service:

Screenshot from 2018-07-21 10-24-04


Then there’s the fun chat between the girls in the dorm, which inter alia featured an awesome new look for Froppy:

Froppy's new hair, My Hero Academia

Wouldn’t you pay money to see her in more hairstyles? One of the things I like about the original Cardcaptor Sakura is the variety of outfits we see the characters in: It never gets old. Froppy really deserves more variety as well.

Finally, the episode set up a bunch of new characters very quickly, and more importantly fleshed out some interpersonal relationships. I’ll focus on Eraserhead and Joke:

My Hero Academia, Smile on Aizawa's teaching record
Wait. This should really call Aizawa’s teaching credentials into question.

Joke by herself would be incredibly annoying, but set against Aizawa’s stoicism (to say the least!) she actually works. The way she keeps hitting on Aizawa, and how he cringes around her, suggests that something happened between them in the past—which is doubly interesting when you consider that Aizawa may have joined UA to be close to Midnight, judging by a recent chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. I want a spin-off manga, My Hero Academia: Eraserhead’s Harem.

My Hero Academia, Why is everyone so noise?
I hear people I’m around say this a lot.

And on a more serious and inspiring note, there was the difference in Joke’s and Eraserhead’s teaching philosophies: Joke says he should have warned his students about the traditional “Crush the UA Team” event in the exam. But Aizawa responds, basically, that his students aren’t snowflakes: They can take it. Furthermore, they’ve already figured out (or at least Midoriya has) what’s coming on their own, and they have a plan to deal with it.

My Hero Academia, A hero can turn around a bad situation

Yeah, I think that one’s going on my office “motivational poster” wall.

Thanks for reading! See you round the flipside!


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    1. I love the manga too! And I feel like the anime has done a fine job of breathing life into it. So it’s perfectly possible to enjoy both. 😸

    1. This show manages to be original once again! Though out of context, this particular phrase sounds creepy…

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