Starbound is one of my most-played games. It strikes for me the right balance between action and zen, open world and focused mission (although without quite enough of the latter). In my most recent game, I found the following:

See what happened? Yes, a two-story ruin spawned inside of a pool of healing water! I haven’t seen this happen before or since, and I liked it: Had sort of an ‘ancient and all but forgotten shrine’ sort of vibe. So I turned it into my Novakid’s home. I made a few modifications—cleaned up some rubble, pruned back the hanging vines, and moved parts of the pillars into the background so they wouldn’t get in the way of walking—but tried to keep the same “ancient shrine” feel. (The decor came later as I started amassing trophies and souvenirs. I’m not the most intuitive when it comes to interior decorating, but I do think the plant lamp in the middle fits well.)

The flower trees around it add a nice touch. 🙂

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