So right around when I wrote “Golden Manga: The Promised Neverland“, AnimeNewsNetwork published Rebecca Silverman’s review of TPN volume 1. I think she’s actually more eloquent in explaining the series’ merits than I was, though at the cost of more spoilers. She also spells out some of the hidden connections between TPN and Peter Pan. *applause* I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to learn something new here.

VizMedia also just put out a blog post on TPN entitled, The Next Big Thing?” Urian Brown lays out just how successful the series has been so far, after only finishing up its first story arc (and still going strong!).

Back on ANN’s site, they reported that TPN topped the list of most popular manga among male readers this year. (Female readers preferred Seven Knights of Marronnier Kingdom.)

So don’t just take my word for it! Listen to the experts, and check it out for yourself!

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